July 4th 2020

Dear Friends,
I am enormously proud of you and everything you did for our campaign to steer Bolingbrook in a new direction in 2017.  Today I announce my 2021 campaign for Mayor and I promise 3 things:
*Transparency:  We will end no bid contracts.  Backroom deals don’t serve our community.
*Community Input:   We will listen to residents.  Government decisions that don’t consider the whole community result in more money out of our pockets without village improvements, like the Garbage Tax and a choice for Totes.
*Inclusion:   We will continue to take pride in the diversity of our community as we work towards changes that provide for more inclusive community voices at the table, representative of our residents.  That also includes the LBGTQ community.
As your Mayor I will listen carefully and respectfully to all ideas in the community.  Our candidates are willing to do the hard work and take the votes that they stand for.  Not one resident should be afraid to disagree with the Mayor in public, its unacceptable.
I will be the patriot that dumps the tea in the harbor, taxation without representation needs to go.  I will find a way to eliminate the Garbage Tax.  I will work with the finances until we do.  We have never paid for garbage pickup, this new tax amounted to a 40% increase in my property taxes for Bolingbrook, and to add insult to injury I can’t deduct the new fees on my Income Tax Return.  There was no allowance for Seniors or others on fixed incomes, this was a slap in the face to many longtime residents. I will work to correct the financial problems of this community and give you a voice in the process. You could have had a vote in the garbage tax, but your voice wasn’t considered even after the public hearing when it was clear residents wanted totes/cans your voice was silenced.  We can find the savings just by ending no bid contracts, hiring in house council an ending the sweetheart deals in Village Hall.
Last, I vow today, regardless of what the village board does, to be a FULL TIME MAYOR.  This community deserves representation by an elected official that it can remove if they choose.  I will be accountable to you, full time.  This community has come a long way since my family came here in 1970, most of that change is due to urban sprawl.  When you look around us you see prosperity in all the neighboring communities, you don’t see the debt that we have, but you do see the growth.  Our community still has room to grow and changes will happen.  I will be there to support the growth and change, like Amazon, which will bring many good paying jobs to the community.
As we move forward, this campaign will stand for 3 issues for our community.  We won’t bully anyone; we will find a way to eliminate the garbage tax and I will be your full time mayor.
I believe strongly we have more work to do so that our community is more welcoming, warm, and uplifting to all who live here.
In Solidarity,
Jackie Traynere for Mayor
Will County Board Member