So, it is over, we are all back at work this week wondering what is next and how soon before we get a vaccination. I have culled through many articles and some of the headlines are making it to my blog this week.

The best time to be alive is now, Believe in solutions, They exist. The case for opportunity and growth. Don’t let bleakness win. From the editors at the Chicago Trib. The new year is upon us, lets let some optimism in to carry us through 2021. Many have done well this year, they have a responsibility to reach back and help those that have been hurt so badly.

The Dreamers’ are still waiting for their nightmare to end. by Steve Chapman an editor on the board at the Trib. This is the saddest story of the year and possibly the one with the most hope for 2021. Congress needs to act, too much harm and damage has been caused by inaction. One good think, the latest stimulus check will make it to citizens even if an undocumented person is part of their family. That didn’t happen with the first round.

Marchers need to keep on marching, against systematic racism. I joined many of the marches and protests here in Bolingbrook this past year. I will continue to advocate for the County Cannabis Tax money to be used for some of the society damage caused by the war on drugs. I believe we have expunged about 1600 records so far, with more to go. Other countries have learned that this is a war we cannot win.

Lets continue to reach out and help those in our neighborhoods that have been impacted by the virus. And to end a couple of lines from a poem I read.

Though Facebook still stalks us, and spies on our tracks, though misinformation is still spread by hacks. Democracy made it! And though it feels frail, let’s pause for a moment to share and exhale.

A new year is coming, it won’t all be fun, but lets raise a toast to the year ’21

Thank you Mary Schmich for a years worth of poetry.

We can and will make a difference in 2021, each and everyone of us.


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