Do the math for yourself, CLICK ON THE PICTURE

On April 6th you have a chance to have your voice heard and village hall and not be afraid of ridicule or being drown out by louder voices. We can all speak as one and let them know we want them to rescind this new tax (yes any levy issued by a unit of government is a tax).  We have never said garbage pick up should be free, it never has been.  What we have said and what is true is that it was paid for with sales tax and not property taxes, which is why you didn’t see that corresponding reduction in property taxes.  Those are our dollars.  Why should we pay it separate now? 

Seniors and others on fixed incomes have struggled, especially this year. Most don’t realize that they put an automatic increase in the fee, it goes up by CPI (Consumer Price Index) each year, even if your paycheck doesn’t. Then to add insult to injury they charge a fee for taking your money. Instead of processing this in house they have contracted it out to a for profit company.

Its time to make our voice heard, and for those that think the Village can’t afford this, they need to check the surplus of $11 million that the Village took in during the budget year of 2019-2020. The annual cost currently of the trash pick up is $5 million.

Click here and do the math yourself and before you vote, realize that the Acting Mayor and Trustee Watts both supported this with their votes as did Trustee Lawler and Zarate.  Its time to put local government on your side.  Vote Bolingbrook United on the April 6th Consolidated Election ballot.

On a separate note, I fully endorse and have since 2017, your right to have a tote for your trash or recycling if that is your choice. Our opponents stood mute over the last 4 years, only now daring to speak out. Vote for the team that has always been and always will be on your side. BOLINGBROOK UNITED.


“We pay enough in property taxes, no need for this money grab, it hurts” Jim Bastounes