Bolingbrook United will work to make sure local government is open and accountable. It’s time to give power and information back to the people. We will put a stop to backroom deals that benefit only a few connected players, end no-bid contracts, and responsibly manage our village vendors and finances. It’s your money – you deserve a say in how it’s spent.

  • Village meetings and engaging with residents on key issues– Everyone should have equal access to the work of their government.  We will give residents a voice at Village Meetings with fewer restrictions, and open channels of communication for residents who can’t attend to make sure all can share their input.  Before key financial decisions are made, like taking on more village debt or bidding on contracts, residents will have a real chance to weigh-in.  
  • End Conflicts of Interest – Bolingbrook officials have a long history of playing favorites and accepting campaign donations from those who do business with the village.  We will enact new ethics restrictions and make sure our vendors are doing what is best for our residents, not politicians.
  • Modernize Village Hall and how we interface with residents – We will work with Village staff to upgrade the use of technology and improve the ways residents get and share information, apply for permits and put in requests.  

A Better Deal

Bolingbrook United will help us rebuild from COVID-19 even stronger than before. We will work to fill empty storefronts and strengthen our local economy. We will also root out corruption and find savings in our budget, so that we can lower property taxes and fees while delivering better, more affordable village services like clean water and the option for garbage containers.

  • Redevelop Bolingbrook Commons – The entryway to Bolingbrook from the Route 53/I-55 Corridor is an eyesore.  We will work with the owners of the empty, deteriorating space where Century Tile was to redevelop a welcoming entry to our village that is an attractive, productive, and tax-producing area. This would include redeveloping the Corridor and Amazon development.
  • Review the profitability of all Village-owned facilities and take action – Take a deep review of all Village-owned facilities to determine what changes are needed to make each property more accessible to the public, more profitable for the village, and less impactful on our long-term debt.
  • Promote Economic Development & Business Opportunities – Establish a committee of local business leaders and Village staff to focus on economic development and repurposing of vacant commercial space.  We will focus on working with local businesses to identify solutions for attracting new businesses and keeping businesses open and successful.
  • Water and Garbage – Enhance Village services like water and garbage.  The cost of clean safe water and garbage services remain a hardship for many Bolingbrook residents.  We will review the current contracts and explore other avenues to deliver affordable services.  We are in favor of choice when it comes to totes for garbage.


Bolingbrook United takes pride in the diversity of our community as we work towards changes that provide more inclusive voices at the table. We believe public services should represent all our residents. We will take a closer look at our police and fire departments and collaborate with our school systems and non-profit organizations to support equity and bring people together.

  • Community Engagement – Develop Village forums and programming that listens and attends to the needs of all residents, working families, our children, our seniors, and our ethnic communities represented in Bolingbrook.  
  • Safety as a priority – Crime prevention in all corners of our community is critical for everyone’s safety.  We support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the way our police engage with our citizens. 
  • Education and Training – We will partner with our school systems and community organizations to encourage our youth to deepen their learning about social justice, and to provide job training and development programs to our adult residents to promote job security and economic justice.