Noon July 4, 2020 Will County Board Member announces today, Independence Day, her campaign for Mayor of Bolingbrook.  After losing the short but effective race in 2017 by just 151 votes with over 13,000 votes cast on election night, she declares that it is time to try once more to shed the oppressive policies of the current mayor.  In 2019 the Village started a new tax on residents and that is one of the driving forces behind her decision. ” I just can’t stand by while our Mayor tries to push out new revenue, like the sales tax that would come with a new Amazon distribution facility.  I have been approached by so many residents, upset with our new garbage tax. For many this was a 40% or higher Bolingbrook property tax increase with no upgrades in service.  Many in town wanted “toters” for their trash like all the surrounding communities, and they didn’t get them despite voicing their approval at a community meeting.”   Traynere said when asked about her motivation. Amazon recently purchased the vacant auto auction site which sits opposite a vacant eyesore of a mall at the entrance to Bolingbrook. Recently when Roger Claar shared his anger at the Amazon acquisition it was pointed out that he has done nothing to improve the eyesore that sits at Route 53 and Bolingbrook Drive as you enter our community.  “The deserted parking lot of a mall has been frequently used as a truck stop which is a safety issue” said Charlotte Droogan a long time resident.   “Good paying entry level jobs with a career path are hard to come by and I support the Amazon facility” said Traynere. The election will be April 6th, 2021 with candidates getting on the ballot this fall.